Announcement / Press Release

Solid partners join forces and consolidate expertise and know-how

Muller Beltex BV, V.A.V. Aandrijvingen BV and Germany based Bechtel GmbH have announced their strategic alliance. By a transfer of shares, the owners Lars Muller and Emiel Schoutsen have established this cooperation.

The know-how and expertise in components for bulk handling equipment is not limited to the Netherlands and Germany, where the three companies are located. They operate worldwide and the close cooperation between the three companies will there- fore provide major benefits for their entire, geographically widespread, customer base. Both owners emphasize that this alliance is not a merger and that the companies will retain their own identities. Company locations and contact points will remain unchanged.

The advantages arising from the collaboration are, in particular, the bundling of their expertise and the use of each other’s network, especially abroad. In certain markets or geographic regions, the one partner is better represented than the other. ‘ This col- laboration will enable all three of our companies to better position themselves in the market and to provide our customers with materials, knowledge and service in an even better and more efficient way ‘, Lars and Emiel state.

V.A.V. Aandrijvingen is globally known for their chain applications in the feed and grain handling industry. They are able to deliver immediately from stock, or within days, all components for chains as well as elevator components and parts for various screw conveyors.

Muller Beltex providing solutions for the bulk handling and process industry and specializes in bucket elevator troubleshooting. Further to this their components, Polysur® elevator belts, Kryptane abrasion resistant polyurethane liners, and the Atex approved monitoring systems are known worldwide.

Bechtel GmbH is a strong service related supplier of components for elevator buckets and chain conveyors. Their knowledge of chain conveyors and problem solving capa- city enables them to build, for the entire German industry, all types of chain conveyors even for the most complex applications.

The alliance of the three companies wishes to further improve their already very high service level to the bulk handling industry, and thus securing quality and continuity of their efficient supply chain.

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