Super Starco Elevator Buckets

Super Starco Elevator Buckets

The Super Starco buckets are deeper than the ‘regular’ Starco buckets, although they are equally suitable for elevators with higher belt speeds. This elevator bucket lends itself particularly well to light-weight and/or wet materials. Steel and plastic Super Starco are available from stock. VAV supplies the Super Claus in PEHD en nylon. Besides materials as PU and zytel are also available.

This product is also commonly referred to as or can be compared to: SPS, SuperClaus, System CC, JETor high capacity bucket.

Steel Super Starco

Z2 = gross volume in liters,  Z3 = net volume in liters

Plastic Super Starco

Z2 = Gross volume in liters, Z3 = Net volume in liters

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