Accessories for Chains

Accessores for chains

VAV also supplies other parts for chain conveyors. We always have the neccesary materials on stock in order to generate a fast delivery time.


We also offer you the idlers according to your specifications. The Idlers can be made out of different kinds of plastic such as PE1000/Nylon/POM or steel like C45/42CrMo4 natural or hardened.

In case of steel rollers, a sealed ball bearing is preferably used on both sides. The shafts are provided with internal or external thread on both sides.

Wear-guiding rails

We offer you wear-guiding rails in manganese steel for use in combination with drop forged chain. The wear-guiding rails are provided with a groove so that the run of the drop forged chain will go smoothly. 

Plastic bottom plates and guiding profiles

We have a wide range of plastic bottom plates available in various thicknesses and qualities, such as PE1000 and PE1000 HOT, on stock. Special shapes are no problem and can be produced according to you specifications.

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Conveyor Chains

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