About us


VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. started as a supplier of spare parts for the Dutch feed mill industry in 1973. Initially located in The Hague, VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. moved to different locations within the Netherlands over the years. As of 1992, VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. occupies premises in Katwijk, South-Holland, including 3.500 M2 of storage accommodation.

In all these years VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. has grown into the expert in the fields of conveyor chains, screw conveyors and elevators. The power behind your transport.

A large stock of standard products guarantee a prompt service, i.e. elevator buckets, elevator belts, screw blades, spirals, drag link conveyor chains, drop forged chains and sprockets in various dimensions.

Conveyor Chains

The conveyor chains may be equipped with plastic, welded or bent scrapers. VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. can deliver the optimum conveyor chain for any purpose.


Elevatorbelt is cut and punched according to your specifications. With a large stock of elevator buckets, elevator bolts and belt fasteners VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. can give you a fast delivery.

Screw conveyors

VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. delivers adjustable hanging bearings and endless spirals from stock. The screw conveyor segments, shafless spirals and mix spirals manufactured to your specifications. Made out of various types of steel.


VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. is not only a supplier, you can also consult our engineers about integral solutions, capacity issues regarding chain and screw conveyors and elevators. VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. is nowadays often involved in selecting materials with respect to durability of elevator buckets, and in the engineering for a variety of conveyors.

It is not the aim of VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. to promote its "own" types of chains or elevator buckets. Decisive factors for our advising technicians are: capacity, type of bulk goods, the situation on the spot as well as the proportion between prices and quality.

With the help of the calculation modules for elevators, conveyor chains and screw conveyors, on this site, you can calculate your capacity issues on your own.

With this VAV Aandrijvingen B.V. internet site, we present to you our product and service range. Should there remain any questions after reading our site, we would be very happy to give you any further information or advice, either personally or by phone.